Folding screen - oil, canvas Folding screen - oil, canvas Folding screen - oil, canvas

R o m a n P R O N I A E V





Roman Proniaev is a contemporary Russian artist. He employs an abstract painting manner, using canvas, paper, wood, plaster, oil and acrylic paint. Graphical presentation characterizes his painting style. The artist organically combines motion and statics, abstract shapes and real elements, opening his works to a wide variety of interpretation.

Most of my paintings don’t have a plot or any concept. Only some of them are created under the influence of something specific such as a book, a piece of music or a real landscape.
The majority of my paintings are absolutely spontaneous, abstract compositions, often without a title, but still having their way of logic. Like in nature, the movement of tree branches creates forms that are random and absolute at the same time. Elaborating a painting I present it through a fragment, a part of the whole, not a unique piece of work, but only one of all possible options…

This is the way I see my work as a painter. I would also encourage you, relying on your personal imagination, to offer a definition and a title to the painting of your preference.

Roman Proniaev

The art of Roman Proniaev makes us aware of the quest of a contemporary Russian artist, for whom each period of artistic development builds up on the previous ones. The power of his art is in its simplicity and clean forms, which he attains quite naturally, thanks to the inner sense for finess and mastery of detail. The abstract character of his paintings brings him close to some contemporary forms of modernism. His attraction to Dadaizm is influenced by his bias towards one of the founders of the Dada movement in 1916 in Zurich – Hans Arp. Although a supporter of this movement, which ignores aesthetics and criticizes the logic in the creative process, in his art Roman Proniaev stands apart from these characteristics. With the art of abstraction and irrational thought or its lack thereof, Dada questions the traditional values of art, while Roman Proniaev highly appreciates them.

Most of the ideas in his works are born of his special interest in nature from which Roman Proniaev draws all his perceptions and resources, the nature, which the artist refracts through his spirituality and emotional attitude. And while some of his works are gloomy because of the dark coloring, they lack any melancholy.The black color for him is not sad, because pure black in absent from his works. There is layering, depositing of paint, there is complexity in color affiliation. In some of his paintings we discover a trend, which supports the concept of striving for exemption of ornaments, instead of their accumulation.This minimalistic approach is the result of the artist's desire to view and position his works as a decoration of a minimalistic interior.

His interest in new countries and people, travel in Europe - France, Croatia, Serbia, opens his sight and his sense for the different – something which comes each time, when Roman goes to live in a new place.

Since 2011 he is in Bulgaria and opens up interesting opportunities for expression. Exhibits both in Sofia and in other cities of the country, participation in various art projects meets him with many Bulgarian artists, of whom he speaks with respect. In 2013 he becomes a member of the Union of Bulgaria Artists, and at the General exhibition of UBA in 2015 he received a high recognition – an award for the diptych "Albino". He mentions that the Bulgarian school of art is extensive and is impressed by the number of talents gathered in such as small country as Bulgaria.

Dr. D. Kisiova-Gogova
Art Critic, The National Museum of Bulgarian Art, Sofia.
Translation Nikolai Gerasimov.

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